How falling planes in Hollywood got their sound.

(or something alike)

This is probably what you would imagine, correct?

This blood curdling siren is taken from the Junkers-ju87 ‘Stuka’ Dive bomber, constructed and flown in WW2 by Nazi Germany. Junkers also manufactured many other German warplanes and even planes for civilian use. Junkers started with making planes for air transport, however when the total need for all factories came into play during the largest war in the world, they changed to manufacturing warplanes.

How did this happen?

The closest guess anyone has is that the sound is related to a plane going into a steep dive. This sound works well for a plane crashing because it sounds absolutely terrifying. When the Stuka would go in for a dive, the large mechanical siren would open allowing air to flow into it, creating the sound known as the ‘Jericho-Trompet’ in English it is simply ‘Jericho-Trumpet.’ This sound of a WW2 dive bomber, used to wipe out tanks, cars, infantry and even civilians is now associated with a plane crash.


The Jericho-Trumpet was a sound created by a large mechanically-operated siren. When going into a steep dive, anywhere from 60° to 90°, the siren would open and allow air to flow into it. This would create the sound we all know and maybe love today. The siren was designed to turn sound into a weapon, particularly a psychological weapon. The actual effect the siren had on Allied troop’s morale is uncertain, but this would be the sound many people heard before realizing it’s too late. The Stuka’s were deadly, leading the air invasion of Poland of September 1st, 1939. They were also present at the battle of Stalingrad, the invasion of Norway, and many other battles held in Europe. The plane reached speeds of up to 600km/h in a dive, causing upwards of 6G’s when the pilot recovered. The plane had automatic controls, for this reason, making certain that the plane did not crash if the pilot blacked out from G forces. The JU 87 was outfitted with a rear gunner to provide aerial security to the plane.

The more you know!



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